Zjednoczenia 17 Street
34-130 Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Poland

mobile. +48 602 501 974
mobile. +48 608 772 398

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About company

The company operates since 1986 and it is located in KZ- city which has been known as the centre of carpentry for many years. We deal mostly with manufacture of furniture made of wood and natural veneers. At the beginning of its operation, the company made furniture for the entire houses and apartments. Currently we specialize in production of kitchen furniture, both modern (wenge, zebrawood, rosewood veneer) and stylized (furniture in English style, rustic). We still provide complex furniture for all rooms in apartments and houses.

In our plant the employees manufacture the fronts, bandings, all details, so while manufacturing the dreamed furniture for the customer we are not limited with any rigid dimensions.
Kitchen furniture is made of laminated board– invisible elements and veneer-faced board – visible elements, the rims are made only of natural veneer. The moulding and undercabinet bandings as well as other finishes are made only of wood.

We produce furniture only on individual order, therefore every set we produce has a unique character. We can design the interior on our own or produce the furniture on the basis of the design provided by the customer.

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